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A very promising debut from writer-director Jeanette L. Buck. Hard-bitten and husky voiced Micki (Carol Monda) doesn’t like to stay in one place — or with one woman — for very long, but she agrees to spend a little time in South Jersey resort town Cape May to help care for her dying Uncle Charlie (Dennis Fecteau). Micki can’t cook and isn’t much of a caregiver, but Uncle Charlie is actually more interested in helping her: He senses that Micki’s wanderlust is really a form of running away, and cooks up a plan involving his best friend Roberta (Joy Kelly), an attractive fry-cook at a local eatery who’s already caught Micki’s eye. But Roberta resists Micki’s hot-and-heavy advances — she’s still smarting from a painful break-up five years earlier — and even after the pair agree to become just friends, their friendship remains charged with intriguing sexual possibilities. Shot for next to nothing, Buck’s film features some lovely cinematography, two strong performances from newcomers Monda and Kelly, and a funny bit by Nancy Daly as Roberta’s sweet ‘n’ sour boss. The film lingers longer than Buck’s simple story really warrants, but the melancholy atmosphere is wonderful: The whole film is suffused with the bittersweet loneliness of a seaside town during the off-season.–Ken Fox