Ryosuke getting the shot.

LIE TOGETHER (dir. Jeanette L. Buck, USA, 2009, 14 min.) An exquisitely edited (by Bonnie Rae Brickman) piece in which a relationship is examined from beginning to end in a non-linear kaleidoscope of events. Brilliantly performed by Lauren Johannsen and Elise Grant, and beautifully photographed. Ryosuke Kawanaka’s use of light and focus from the bright clarity of the new love to the gray, chill of the relationship’s death knell is extraordinary! Elizabeth Pringle’s screenplay is concise and lean. Jeanette Buck has created in only fourteen minutes what Stanley Donen did in two hours with¬†TWO FOR THE ROAD. This is such an extraordinary piece on all levels, and probably the best short subject of this year’s festival.